• Michelle Dawn Mooney

The Bad, the Beautiful, and the Banana.


I love muffins! Well, I pretty much love almost anything with carbs, but especially muffins. This post, however, is not just about muffins (or their tops). Yes, it started out as a way to simply use up some overly ripe bananas, but for me, it turned into a bit of a life lesson.

I'm a huge fan of fresh produce, but unfortunately, it doesn't have a very long shelf life and before I knew it the beautiful bunch of bananas I planned to use for cereals and fruit cups looked a little too worse for wear. The only alternative was to throw them into some sort of banana bread recipe. It's something I've done many times before, but not usually during the dog days of summer when turning on the oven is a last resort. I absolutely hate wasting food, so I grabbed a few ingredients and an hour later the battered bananas that were one step away from being trashed were transformed into a tasty breakfast treat.

If you're a foodie you know the ripest fruit has the sweetest taste, so even the ugliest bananas can be turned into something delicious. As the banana starts to feel the effects of its environment, a few dark spots blend into one another until the fruit becomes completely discolored. In a few days time, it loses all remnants of its gorgeous yellow hue, and its skin becomes so thin that even the slightest abrasion can split it open. Yet, as bad as it looks on the outside, the richest and sweetest flavor still lies within. It kind of reminds me of life. (Yep - I said it, I'm using the banana as an analogy for life, but stick with me - this is coming around. I promise).

Life can be hard sometimes and I'm sure all of you have been through your fair share of battles. Maybe you've only been getting bad bananas lately, or maybe you feel like you ARE the bad banana. Sometimes we feel so beaten down by our hardships and heartache, whether it's with our health, finances, or relationships (with others or ourselves), that it's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. When you're going through a storm, it's easy to feel defeated, but many times those setbacks and struggles work to make us smarter, more resilient, and more focused on the direction we need to go. Outwardly, we may feel like all of those battle scars are starting to blend together, but deep inside we are becoming more seasoned on how to live life, navigate through those hurdles and ultimately become more mature and beautiful human beings. In the words of Kelly Clarkson, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger".

Never underestimate what you are capable of handling or the person you are inside, despite your challenges or circumstances. Even when things look their ugliest, a season of beauty may be just around the corner. Until then, if you're looking to find solace in a few extra carbs, the muffin recipe is below. ;) #staystrong #eatmuffins

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