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An Ode to the Selfie for World Photography Day

Amateur chemist and lamp manufacturer Robert Cornelius ... the man behind what is considered to be the first self-portrait or "selfie" taken at his family's Philadelphia store in 1839.

On this World Photography Day, you and I are encouraged to celebrate all the things photo. Chances are you probably already have a gazillion pics on your phone right now. Quite a few, if not all, may very well be of the selfie variety. Nearly two-thirds of Americans take selfies and it appears our obsession with them isn't as new as we might think. In fact the gentleman you see at the top of the article (Robert Cornelius) is not just a guy who looks like he has some amazing hair gel working, he is the man behind the first ever selfie, taken back in 1839.

While the selfie may have gotten its start back in the 19th century, it wasn't until the 21st when the term really started popping up everywhere. By 2013, it found its way in to the online version of the Oxford English Dictionary, which announced that "selfie" was the "word of the year".

So, whether you find your inspiration in the beauty of nature around you; in the activities of your friends, or family (furry or otherwise); or you find your face is your best muse, get out there and start snapping. Put your best pics forward to show some World Photo Day love! To provide you with a little added inspiration, I'll leave you with you this little "Selfie" poem (written in 2 minutes, so don't judge). ;)


To see myself in pictures

Is a favorite thing indeed

If no one's there to take one

I find myself in need

With one arm out, my other posed

I pray my home screen doesn't close

Before I've had the chance to click

and see me smile in my "selfie" pic

Happy Photo Day!

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