• Michelle Dawn Mooney

"Mutt" Ado About Nothing

Mutt Love: Me and my handsome boy "Rocky" and my colleague NorEaster Nick's sweet girl "Skye"

Before I was married, I never thought I would be a dog person. Sure, I had friends who had dogs, but I would usually try to keep my distance. Knowing the size of their teeth, truth be told I was a little scared when they jumped up on me and I wasn't exactly a fan of dog smells, dog hair everywhere, or having my face licked (in dog lover's terms "getting kisses"). My, how things have changed.

Not only have I now served as pup mom to two lovable rescues, but I have become completely immersed in all things dog. Over the years, I've made numerous mentions on tv and social medial about my two little love bugs (both mutts), just like my colleague NorEaster Nick has shared quite a few adorable pics of his sweet girl Skye (also a mutt) in his weather casts. Like Skye, my current rescue Rocky has a nice collection of holiday outfits and outerwear, sans those adorable dog socks (he just wasn't a fan), and I can't seem to get close enough to him for cuddles that more often than not lead to doggie kisses. I am no longer phased when cleaning up "bathroom" accidents (although I do still need to hold my breath) and on the regular I venture into his mouth full of sizable teeth to help keep his smile looking and smelling great ... as great as dog breath can be expected anyway.

If you already know the joy of caring for a dog, I don't have to tell you how much love they can bring. According to a recent study by AnimalSheltering.org nearly 50% of American households have a dog and roughly 85% consider them to be more of a family member than a pet. My family definitely falls into that category. Granted, not everyone is up for the responsibility that comes with caring for a dog or any pet for that matter, and that should not be taken lightly. Please ONLY consider pet adoption if you have the time and resources to offer the care and love they need. If, however, you have shied away because you're scared about HOW to take care of a dog, I'll share this quote from author unknown - "Not every person knows how to love a dog, but every dog knows how to love a person."

The love that a dog can bring to your family is overwhelming and that makes you want to be the best dog parent you can be. There is a learning curve, but if a "non" dog person like me can turn into a doting pup mom who may in fact have a little dog hair on her clothes as she writes this ... ANYONE can become a dog person. ;)

Happy National Mutt Day!


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