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Michelle's Story

They say change is inevitable, but for Michelle Dawn Mooney it’s become a way of life. With her mind set on a career in the medical field at the age of 4, Michelle’s journey has taken her up, down, and back around again through a wide variety of jobs and experiences she says she wouldn’t change for the world. Why? Because they led her to exactly where she is today.


After graduating from high school, Michelle continued her pre-med education at Stockton University, with the hope of helping people. It was a fluke that she landed a News Director/On-Air Radio position at the age of 19 to help pay for college. Little did she know it would be the catalyst to set her on a completely different course. Four radio stations later, with several morning show co-hosting gigs under her belt, she ventured into television. An Atlantic City native, she was thrilled to continue her career at the area’s NBC affiliate, where she was welcomed into the homes of tens of thousands of viewers each weeknight as the station’s lead news anchor.


Over the years Michelle has been able to use her position in the public eye to promote positivity in a world that is often riddled with turmoil and heartbreak. Whether it’s serving as a keynote speaker, emceeing charity events, or speaking in small classrooms, Michelle cherishes the opportunity to advocate for causes close to her heart, provide a little inspiration, or at the very least, make people smile. She is a veteran public speaker, nationally recognized author and an accomplished singer-songwriter, fronting the Michelle Dawn Mooney Band while performing original material as a seasoned headliner or coveted opener for the likes of national acts like country star Phil Vassar. Michelle has also had the honor of performing the national anthem for numerous military organizations as well as various sports teams throughout the NCAA, NFL, and NBA.


While Michelle’s talent has offered her quite a few full-time job opportunities in higher markets, she preferred to make her professional dreams come true right here in the place she’s always called home…South Jersey. Following the closure of NBC WMGM-TV back in 2014, Michelle started producing her own show, “Middays with Michelle Dawn Mooney”. Since then, she ventured back into television before branching out on her own in a new space where she makes it her duty to promote the positive with insightful, entertaining, and educational interviews, videos, and tips to help people live their best life. She is the host of "The Michelle Dawn Mooney Show", which airs live each week on Facebook ...  and the podcast "Michelle Dawn Mooney Conversations", where she chats with notable celebrities, artists, musicians, philanthropists, and other established professionals to learn more about their journey to success. Yes, she has worn quite a few different hats in the work world, but her favorite job is being wife and step-mom in a family of five, who all fall under the rule of a cute little rescue named Rocky. 

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