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Media Coach Michelle Dawn Mooney

Hi there! I'm
Michelle ...

A Reformed TV News
Anchor flipping the switch to promote more of the good stuff. 

Whether it's hosting podcasts for myself or Fortune 500 companies, coaching clients in effective communication, performing, writing, or sharing a favorite tip, trick, recipe or silly video on social media ... I'd like to think everything falls under the umbrella of hopefully giving someone "something" that educates, entertains, motivates and/or inspires them.

B2B Podcast Host Michelle Dawn Mooney Conducting Interviews

The Backstory ...

The Backstory ...

Former NBC affiliate TV News Anchor Michelle Dawn Mooney

There is a LOT of                   around us, but  sometimes we need a little help seeing it.

After more than two decades of mainly talking about what's wrong in the world, I vowed to dedicate the second half of my career to promoting more

positive storylines. 


So, I started my own company that allows me to work in the fields I love ... media and music ... with a positive spin always in mind.

Communication Coach, Media Consultant and Podcaster Michelle Dawn Mooney

My goal is to help
people learn, love, give and live their best life.

As the well coined phrase goes, "Life is not a dress rehearsal." Let's start making every moment count. I'd love to bring you along for the ride.
Communication Coach, Media Consultant and Podcaster Michelle Dawn Mooney
You can follow along on social media, check out my podcast, Michelle Dawn Mooney Conversations (where I talk to cool people doing cool things), or feel free to reach out on my "Work with Me" page if you're in need of my services or if you have a collaboration idea that you think would be a good fit. I'd love to connect! 
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